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What is a short sale request?

A short sale request is when our company asks your mortgage company if they would take a discount on the amount that they are owed on a property.

”Why should I, the homeowner let you do this? What makes you different than other investors?

The foreclosure process is very fast.  It is important that the homeowner be made aware of this fact.  Our company specializes in foreclosures, and we are professionals. We know the foreclosure process because it is our business.  Obtaining a short sale from the mortgage company is a very time consuming and complicated process. We are completely aware that there are other investors that work with foreclosures. However, Get your shoddy soccer tickets here to participate on the developing energy if the homeowner speaks with other investors it is important that they realize that the clock is ticking, and that the sale date is approaching fast.

How much money will I receive from this process?

If a mortgage company takes a short sale on your mortgage you will not receive any funds from the sale.  The reason is that your bank is going to request a signed HUD statement from the sale.  This is a federal form.  The mortgage company takes a position that if they are going to take less than what is owed on a property than you should not receive any money from the transaction.  If we were to show you receiving no money on the HUD Statement that we provided to the bank, and then we were to give you money, both you and my company would be guilty of fraud.

How will this effect my credit?

Credit history is a very complicated issue.  There are many factors that determine your credit rating.  What we hope to do is to keep a full foreclosure off of your credit report.

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